Mayweather Speaks on Fight With Logan Paul: "if I Want to I Could Knock Him Out in the First Round"


| LAST UPDATE 06/07/2021

By Tiana Blanco
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The face of boxing has undergone some major adjustments over the years. And as the times have changed, some controversial names have entered the ring, from former NFL players to social media celebrities. Though many are opposed to the trend, not all are against it. In a recent sit-down with Complex, Floyd Mayweather shared his two cents in the lead-up to his fight with Youtuber Logan Paul.

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The June 6th unsanctioned fight between the veteran boxer and viral star caused an uproar in press and fan reaction. But according to Mayweather's interview, that was the whole point. "We want to give the people entertainment," he said of the upcoming fight in Miami. "If I wanted to, I could go out there and if I want to I could knock him out in the first-round." The 44-year-old earned his confidence over his 50-0 career, but this upcoming fight has raised some doubts.

In terms of experience in the ring, few could deny that Mayweather outranked Logan Paul by a mile. But come build, others expressed concern over the Youtuber's stats. "Weight doesn't win fights, height doesn't win fights, fighting wins fights. And one thing that I know how to do is fight," Floyd assured. He referred to his past wins against heavy-hitting competitors.

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Most loyal Floyd Mayweather fans were no stranger to his capabilities in the ring. One quick look back to the legendary fight between McGregor and Mayweather taught us all we needed to know about Floyd's moves. He proved his endurance and ability to out-tire his rival, no matter the size. But weight and build weren't the only topics of interest leading up to the fight. Adam Caparell of Complex also brought up concerns over Paul's claim to fame. "I think everybody is entitled to live life like they want to live life and do what they want to do," Mayweather responded. Youtuber or not, he was willing to take him on.

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Some fans may be against it, but Mayweather's excited for the fight. "I really want to see [Logan's] skills," he explained. "I want to show him that there's a difference between the elite level... And Youtube boxing." This isn't a fight you'll want to miss...