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29+ NFL Crowd Signs That Have Us Laughing Out Loud


| LAST UPDATE 03/22/2022

By Alexa Alves

For fans, football is serious business - and there’s no better way to show how they feel about it than using the banners they hold in the stands. But sometimes those signs are straight-up hilarious. Here are some LOL-worthy sports signs.

Dad Got the Best Seat in the House

We can’t help but wonder - why isn’t this kid’s dad at the game with him?! With the cheeky aside, “Hey dad, how’s the game from the couch?” we're honestly all kinds of curious about why dad was left at home.

funny nfl signs viralfunny nfl signs viral
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But we’re sure he didn’t feel too bad, with a little “We love you!” message at the bottom of the boy's sign. And after all, watching from the couch isn’t too bad: cheaper snacks and drinks, no rainchecks, no waiting in long queues to get into the stadium. What’s not to love?

Packs Go Bowling

As some people can probably tell, NFL fans get a kick out of expressing themselves through signs - both in positive and negative ways. So when their favorite teams get their share of success, it’s time to bust out the pencils and paints! Just look at this Packers fan who made sure that the opposition supporters knew what was up.

funny sports signs nflfunny sports signs nfl
Christian Petersen / Staff via Getty Images

Her sign and big smile show that for some fans, the Super Bowl isn’t everything - after all, her team is going to the Pro Bowl, baby! We’re not sure what the opposing team thought of that sign, but we’re just happy to see how happy she is. Go Packs, go!


Jimmy G’s Number One Fans

It turns out that the football field isn’t just a place to watch pro-athletes flaunt their impressive sportsmanship - it also serves up some serious eye candy! Just ask these girls who showed up to watch the San Francisco 49ers, and to ogle their favorite quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

viral sports signs funnyviral sports signs funny
Maddie Meyer / Staff via Getty Images

We can’t say we blame them, as Garoppolo is certainly a sight to behold. We have to wonder if these two thirsty ladies caught his attention… if the capitalized ‘HELLLOOoo!!’ didn’t grab it, surely the heart-eye emoji did. Come on Jimmy, give them a smile at least!


Browns Back at It

There may have been a change in referees for this Browns vs Ravens game, but in the eyes of these Baltimore Ravens fans, it won’t make a difference for the Cleveland Browns. While we’re not sure exactly what they’re getting at, it’s pretty clear they’re throwing some shade.

nfl ravens funny signsnfl ravens funny signs
Rob Carr / Staff via Getty Images

We just hope they don’t set off any of the locals, since it was a home game for the Browns! It certainly wouldn’t be the first crowd brawl the NFL has ever seen, and though most signs are all fun and games, there can be some serious feelings behind them.


Winter Welcome

We’re sure NFL fans and players alike aren’t too jazzed about playing/watching the game in hostile weather conditions. But for those who love the sport, they rug up and get out there in hail, sleet, or snow. And for Minnesotans, heavy snowfall is just another day.

funny minnesota nfl signsfunny minnesota nfl signs
Jamie Squire / Staff via Getty Images

Which is why this kind fan felt the need to reassure the visiting team at this Minnesota Viking and Seattle Seahawks Wild Card Playoff game. It must have felt a little daunting for the Seahawks though, knowing that the Vikings played in that kind of weather all the time.


If Fans Don’t Like Rain, Get Outta Seattle

Speaking of weather - Seattleites may not be too familiar with snowstorms, but they know a lot about bad weather. Just look at this local fan, who sent a warning ‘sign’ to the visiting Oakland Raiders and their fans. “Don’t move here! It rains all the time!”

seattle funny nfl signs seattle funny nfl signs
Otto Greule Jr / Stringer via Getty Images

To be fair, the sign could have a few different meanings. It could be a friendly warning to surprise out-of-towners, a way of discouraging newcomers from moving to the already popular city, or it could be a competitive jab. Can the raiders hack the wet weather? According to local fans, that’s doubtful.


Holy Rollers

Who needs luck when they’ve got Jesus on their side? Well, that’s what this next NFL fan might say since according to him the Seattle Seahawk’s #3 player is literally the savior of all mankind. Consider us surprised, to say the least. And very entertained.

funny crowd nfl signsfunny crowd nfl signs
Rob Carr / Staff via Getty Images

If this bold fan had their facts right, we think the opposing team was probably a little out of their league. But history tells a different story: the Patriots actually won this 2015 game, so we're not sure what this confident fan thought of his sign after the fact.


Love in the NFL

It can’t be easy being in love and being on two opposite sides of the sports field, particularly when one partner's team beats the others! But in the case of these next signholders, they seem to be making it work. Even if she’s a Philadelphia Eagles fan, and he’s a Dallas Cowboys devotee.

viral sports signs nflviral sports signs nfl
Rich Schultz / Stringer via Getty Images

Even though his team didn’t make it to the Superbowl this year, he can be comforted by the fact that the Cowboys have still won more Super Bowls than the Eagles. And we’re sure he’s just as happy to see how ecstatic she is that the Eagles made it through… right? Well, at least he showed up to the game.


Romo's Hungry

While most signs at sports games are meant to get their point across in a few words, it’s a bit harder to see what’s going on in this image. Why is there a picture of a woman with her eyes cut out? And what are those colorful things sticking out of that Panthers helmet? Plastic rooster feathers? Chili peppers?

tony romo nfl signstony romo nfl signs
Streeter Lecka / Staff via Getty Images

What we do know is that Tony Romo was the target of this particular fan and their creative flair, a Carolina Panthers supporter who clearly wanted to get a message across - ‘Romo, eat your heart out.’ We’re guessing Romo wishes he was on the Panther's side for that particular game.


Panther vs Kitty Cat

The Carolina Panthers weren’t exempt from some roasting either. Just look at these Philadelphia Eagles fans waiting on the sidelines with a particularly eye-catching sign during a Panthers vs Eagles game. The implication is clear - the players are just harmless kitty cats in the eyes of Eagles fans.

nfl panthers funny signsnfl panthers funny signs
Evan Habeeb / Stringer via Getty Images

With mocking tactics like this, we wonder if the Panthers reacted like the grumpy cat meme shown on the sign, or if they really showed their claws. After all, their team is named after one of the more ferocious animals in the animal kingdom. But defending their team at all costs is just what fans are for!


Text Message Tactics

When a pro-athlete gets tied up in a major celebrity scandal, there’s no doubt the opposing side will use it as ammo. And that’s exactly what this fan did to Brett Favre during a Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers game in Green Bay, Wisconsin. And they hit him right where it hurts.

funny viral nfl signsfunny viral nfl signs
Jim Prisching / Stringer via Getty Images

The sign was a pretty blunt allusion to a series of controversial texts that Favre had sent during his time off the field, and honestly, it’s a pretty smart tactic. Considering that he’s held up as one of the league’s best quarterbacks, those Vikings fans were probably looking for any tactic to throw Favre off his game.


Winter Trip to Atlanta

The perfect football day: a good crowd and 13-degree weather. Just kidding! We definitely like to have feelings in all of our fingers and toes while watching a game. And apparently, so does this Falcons fan who seems to regret having bought tickets to see his team face the Packers in Wisconsin.

viral fan sports signsviral fan sports signs
Jonathan Daniel / Staff via Getty Images

As we can see, Falcons fans thought a short cross-state NFL holiday was a great idea back when booking tickets in the summer. But once the moment arrived to get all bundled up, he felt a bit... different. And we're guessing he wasn't alone. We’ll let this sign speak for itself.


Ring The Bell

If there’s one thing we can’t miss about the signs of NFL fans, it’s that they can’t get enough of clever wordplay. And for Pittsburgh Steeler’s fans who also happened to be 80’s and 90’s kids, they must have been hyped when Le’Veon Bell was drafted by the team.

nfl steelers sports signsnfl steelers sports signs
Scott Cunningham / Stringer via Getty Images

And thus, this ‘Saved By The Bell’ sign was made for the Steelers vs Falcons match. We’re sure Le’Veon Bell was more than a little flattered. Though we have to wonder if he truly was a wunderkind, or if his new fans just liked having a snappy catchphrase.


Psyching Out the Patriots

For those of us who remember the NFL’s infamous “Deflategate” scandal, it’s easy to understand why the New England Patriots opposition would use it when railing against the iconic team. After all, how else do would psych out one of the most high-profile athletes in the world?

tom brady nfl signstom brady nfl signs
Doug Pensinger / Staff via Getty Images

Tom Brady’s scandalous suspension may have happened years ago, but these spectators won’t let him forget it any time soon. Whether it’s the mock-up cereal box called “Cheaties” or a custom-made meme about the scandal, we have to give her props for creativity.


Nice, Naughty, Bad, Awful

It’s one thing for a fan to call out the opposition for their terrible performance, but it’s a whole other ball game to call out their own team! Just check out this Eagles fan, who didn’t shy away from roasting his team during their game against the Arizona Cardinals - but in the spirit of Christmas, of course.

viral nfl sports signsviral nfl sports signs
Stephen Dunn / Staff via Getty Images

The despondent fan made his feelings clear during their Christmas eve game, writing “Santa, we’ve been awful” on his sign. Seems like there’s only one gift this fan wants from Santa for Christmas, and that’s a belated win for the Eagles. We just hope his wish came true.


All I Want for Christmas

It looks like it’s not just the NFL players who get some flack from spectators and their signage. We only need to look back to this festive sign being waved over the crowd back in December 2009, during a Washington Redskins game. Instead of players, it was the Redskins General Manager being roasted.

fan signs nfl funnyfan signs nfl funny
Win McNamee / Staff via Getty Images

We all remember acrostic poems from school, but this sign takes the form to the next level! All he wants for Christmas is a new General Manager of the team, and he’s not hiding his feelings, whether his fellow fans agree with him or not. We’re not sure what the GM got so wrong, but we have to commend this fan's graphic design flair.


Hungry Panthers

‘We eat teams like you for breakfast,’ is how we imagine the Carolina Panthers clapping back at the Arizona Cardinals after looking at this sign. It’s a bit of a savage image, but things were heating up between the Panthers and Cardinals as they entered the 2016 NFC Championship, so no doubt it felt appropriate.

nfl signs funny cardinalsnfl signs funny cardinals
Streeter Lecka / Staff via Getty Images

And we’re sure that the Panther fans were confident enough to wave these banners higher, ready to intimidate the opposition in any way possible. And it may have worked since the Panthers came out on top. It’s interesting to think of how the Cardinal fans might have responded. How does one make a tiny red bird look scary?


Teeing Off on The Football Field

For those of us who haven’t had enough puns and wordplay yet, here’s another gem! While golf and football don’t have a lot in common, we’re sure there are plenty of fans of both, and this man seems to be one himself. “It’s a good day for a round of Goff” clearly refers to the NFL quarterback Jared Goff.

nfl goff funny signsnfl goff funny signs
Harry How / Staff via Getty Images

It seems Goff was a fan favorite back when he was still playing for the Los Angeles Rams, and these men couldn’t look more enthusiastic when celebrating the young prodigy. We’re not sure what the results of this game were, but we hope the rams won - lest this fan gives up the pigskin in favor of a round of golf.


Bear With Us

We’re sure plenty of Chicago Bears opponents have used this particular pun before, which must be why these staunch Bears fans are hitting back. Unbearable? Not a chance! There’s a reason they showed up to the stadium, and they are going to share it loud and proud.

nfl bears funny signsnfl bears funny signs
Jonathan Daniel / Staff via Getty Images

One of the best things about these NFL signs is the world play, so we’re all for these Bear fans expressing themselves even if we don’t have skin in the game. And while the Green Bay Packers supporters at this game may not have been able to ‘bear’ the puns, they can’t deny it’s a great way to share support for the home team.


Get Some?

It wasn’t just Tom Brady who got caught up in the Deflategate scandal, though he caught most of the flack for it. New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was also accused of cheating, an allegation that has been floating around him during the years since the incident.

nfl Belichick fan signs nfl Belichick fan signs
Jim Rogash / Stringer via Getty Images

So looking at this next sign, we have to ask - what are these fans referring to? We’re not sure what Belichick is meant to “get some” of, but we definitely want to know. Maybe they’re Kansas City Chief fans poking fun at him, or maybe it’s a sign of support? We’ll probably never find out the truth…


Someone Call The Weeknd

While The Weeknd was talking about something entirely different when he sang ‘I Can’t Feel My Face,’ it’s still extra applicable to this icy NFL game in Minnesota! These fans are a testament to how far sports lovers will go to see their favorite team play, even if their cheeks go numb in the process.

funny sports fan signsfunny sports fan signs
Jamie Squire / Staff via Getty Images

Minnesota is known for its harsh winter weather, so we’re sure these Seattle Seahawks fans were a little apprehensive about the trip. As we can see from the beanies, scarves, and bulky layers, they were well prepared. We just hope they came home with a win!


I Want Him Gone

It's no surprise to see signs against the opposing team, but it's even more eye-catching when someone has a sign against their own team members. But such is the sports world - and this guy wasn't afraid to say that all he wanted was for Jeff Fisher, head coach of the Rams, out of here.

nfl rams fans signsnfl rams fans signs
Harry How / Staff via Getty Images

So much so, in fact, that all he wants is for the man to be fired, even if his team had won (spoiler alert: they didn’t). It may be harsh, but it wouldn’t be NFL without passionate and opinionated followers. And this guy might even be psychic since Fisher was actually fired not long after this match!


Just Wait Til Next Year

Even if an NFL fan's favorite team isn’t playing, they still have to represent. And in the case of this next signholder, she was going to support the San Francisco 49ers at the Super Bowl no matter what… even though they weren’t actually competing. Like any diehard supporter, she’s still there to show that her team means business!

funny nfl crowd signsfunny nfl crowd signs
Kevin C. Cox / Staff via Getty Images

Sure, she flew all the way from California to New Jersey to watch the Seattle Seahawks play against the Denver Broncos while holding a 49ers sign and wearing a 49ers beanie. But we’re sure the game was still a thrill, and we’ve got to give her props for her dedication, right?


Roger vs Tom

As we’ve previously mentioned, not everyone is a fan of Tom Brady, whether that’s because of the controversies he’s been tied up in over the years, or simply because he dominated the field with the Patriots for so long. But of course, he always got a lot of love from the fans back in New England.

tom brady roger nfltom brady roger nfl
Scott Eisen / Stringer via Getty Images

And we can just imagine how ecstatic they were when the Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2017, especially after the controversy surrounding their quarterback the year before. The punishments doled out by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell led to this snarky sign, making it clear who really came out on top after all was said and done.


Bikini Weather

So far we’ve seen that the most dedicated NFL fans will brave the harshest weather conditions to see their team on the field. But the fans in this next picture take that dedication to the next level - the “Bikini Girls” didn’t let the frigid winter weather get in the way of a good display.

nfl Green Bay fansnfl Green Bay fans
Jonathan Daniel / Staff via Getty Images

After all, what better way to motivate the players of the Green Bay Packers? These girls made sure the team knew exactly what they wanted from them - bringing home the trophy. And when they see fan passion and commitment like this, how could they not?


What’s Wrong Brady?

By now, it probably seems like Deflategate is the only scandal that ever hit the NFL. And while that’s not quite true, it really was a huge deal in the sports world when it occurred back in 2015, which is why so many fans decided to make it a topic of their sideline signage.

nfl tom brady deflategatenfl tom brady deflategate
Christian Petersen / Staff via Getty Images

This next fan made a rather pointed jab at Brady’s expense during a match between the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos. It’s not a bad play on words, but after seemingly hundreds of Deflategate jokes and signs, we don’t know if Tom Brady was offended or unfazed by the message (if he even saw it, that is).


Never Forget 1964

This might be an obscure reference for anyone who isn’t a fan of the Cleveland Browns, but it definitely shows this supporter's love for his team. “Rebuilding Since 1964” might not mean much at first glance, until we realize that the Browns hadn’t won an NFL Championship since 1964. Ouch.

nfl funny sports signsnfl funny sports signs
Diamond Images / Contributor via Getty Images

While that might be a bitter pill to swallow for some fans, this man is showing that optimism is always key when rooting for the underdog. And it may have been exactly the sign that his team needed since they came out victorious against the Baltimore Ravens that very same day!


Marry Me, Ignore Him

This next sign that this eager fan brought along is either a very sweet and funny public proposal to her loved one, or a slightly awkward proposal to Aaron LaRae Jones, the running back of the Green Bay Packers. Either way, it’s pretty confusing, and it also raises a ton of questions.

nfl fans funny viralnfl fans funny viral
Jonathan Daniel / Staff via Getty Images

For example: if it’s a proposal to her boyfriend, why is he watching the game on television instead of attending with his partner? And if it’s actually a sign aimed at Aaron LaRae Jones, we just hope the man standing next to her isn’t her real-life boyfriend. Yikes.


Leaving Las Vegas

Often the best sports signs are short ones that get straight to the point. Or they go directly for the throat, just like the sign below. This Oakland Raider fan might be airing out his past grievances with an entire city on TV, or maybe he’s just salty that they moved to Las Vegas for the 2020 season.

nfl funny signs vegasnfl funny signs vegas
Thearon W. Henderson / Stringer via Getty Images

Either way, we’re not sure what caused the rift between him and Las Vegas, but we can’t help but be both entertained and curious. Given the city’s reputation, it could have been anything - did he lose it all at a casino, or have a shotgun wedding with the wrong girl? Guess we’ll never know…