The Golden Touch: 45+ of the NFL's Richest Quarterbacks


| LAST UPDATE 10/19/2021

By Tiana Blanco

Big touchdowns mean big bucks, and some of these legendary NFL quarterbacks have racked up some serious cash in the bank. Let's take a look at who's got the most dough, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

47. Lamar Jackson - $4 Million

We're getting started on our stacked list with none other than Lamar Jackson. The NFL powerhouse has an estimated net worth of $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Jackson's climbed a long way since playing at the college level.

richest nfl quarterbacks rankedrichest nfl quarterbacks ranked
Patrick Smith / Staff via Getty Images

He first joined the big leagues back in 2018, when Baltimore snatched him during the first round of the draft. He started on the bench, but Jackson got his time to shine after Joe Flacco was taken out of commission. It's only going up for Jackson, and we wouldn't be surprised to see his net worth rise with his next contract.

46. Baker Mayfield - $12 Million

Coming in after the Ravens quarterback is Cleveland Browns' legend, Baker Mayfield. Baker's had major successes since joining the team back in 2018. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the QB is sitting on $12 million in the bank. But beyond dough, Mayfield's also gained the adoration of his fellow Browns.

ravens richest nfl quarterbacksravens richest nfl quarterbacks
Mike Ehrmann / Staff via Getty Images

"He's been the same since I've met him. And that's probably my favorite thing about him is he is the same guy every day," fellow Browns' QB Case Keenum said. "That's refreshing to be around and I think the guys gravitate to that. He's one of the best leaders that I've been around in this league."

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45. Kyler Murray - $13 Million

This is not the net worth of your average 23-year-old. Beyond having played college football for Texas A&M and the Oklahoma Sooners, Murray also played baseball at the NCAA level. So it won't come as a surprise to many that Kyler's talents earned him a net worth of approximately $13 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

richest nfl quarterbacks listrichest nfl quarterbacks list
Sean M. Haffey / Staff via Getty Images

But Murray has proved that he's worth the big bucks. Back in his rookie year with the Cardinals, he earned himself the NFL-wide Offensive Rookie of the Year award. And if that wasn't enough, just one year before he was drafted into the MLB by Oakland Athletics. But for now, Murray's giving his all to football.

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44. Josh Allen - $14 Million

Coming in just one mil richer than Kyler is Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen. Celebrity Net Worth estimates his worth at $14 million. But he has got some side gigs at play. Sports Casting reported that Allen's keeping busy with a Nike deal, a brand contract with New Era Cap Company, and an ad partnership with a local Buffalo business.

net worth richest quarterbacksnet worth richest quarterbacks
Brett Carlsen / Stringer via Getty Images

Even with all those hustles, Allen's off to a pretty good start thanks to his alleged annual contract of $5.3 million. And apparently, the QB's heart is as big as his bank account. His most recent endeavor, Josh's Jaqs cereal, gives its earnings to the Oishei Children's Hospital in the Bill's hometown.

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43. Derek Carr - $20 Million

Some could say that football is just in Derek Carr's genes. He is, after all, the younger sibling of David Carr, the Super Bowl champ turned NFL Network personality. Derek got his start at his local university, Fresno State, prior to getting drafted.

raiders top paid quarterbackraiders top paid quarterback
Ethan Miller / Staff via Getty Images

But it didn't take long for him to get selected by the Oakland Raiders. And he was also honored with picks for the Pro Bowl back-to-back from 2015-2017. These days, Derek calls Las Vegas home as the Raiders' QB. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that this legend's got roughly $20 mil in the bank.

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42. Jim Kelly - $20 Million

Besides Celebrity Net Worth reporting Jim Kelly's net worth at $20 million, the legendary Buffalo Bills quarterback has another incredible accomplishment from his career. He is one of the elite three former Buffalo players to get their jerseys immortalized. But with his career behind him, how does he feel about fresher talent?

bills richest quarterback everbills richest quarterback ever
Instagram via @jimkelly1212

Kelly was asked how he felt about other Bills QBs beating his old PBs. "I love it, because it means success, it means winning," the NFL legend shared. "People say, 'Well, what will it be like if Josh breaks your records?' I go, 'That'd be great because it means that we're winning.'"

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41. Deshaun Watson - $24 Million

Deshaun knows what he brings to the field, and isn't afraid to say it. Back in 2020, his famous interview with ESPN gained him attention for his bold confidence: "Somebody had to be great, why not me?" And clearly, the question doesn't need answering. Celebrity Net Worth's estimation speaks for itself. They pin him at $24 mil.

wealthiest quarterbacks all timewealthiest quarterbacks all time
Christian Petersen Staff via Getty Images

But no amount of money can make Watson forget just who he owes it all to. "My mom raised me to be successful and not be a knucklehead and do the wrong things," Deshaun shared. "She still talks to me to this day about those things. I'm always going to make sure I'm doing the right things."

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40. Terry Bradshaw - $25 Million

You don't take home four Super Bowl titles in six years without earning yourself a preeeetty nice paycheck to match. And Pittsburgh Steelers' Terry Bradshaw did just that. According to multiple online sources, the legendary NFL quarterback is sitting on $25 million in the bank.

all time richest quarterbacksall time richest quarterbacks
Focus On Sport / Contributor via Getty Images

But it hasn't always been easy for Bradshaw. When he first came onto the scene after getting drafted, he didn't exactly receive the warmest of welcomes. "Being booed, being ripped in the papers, this was all new to me," he admitted. But slowly, as Bradshaw got a hold on the ropes, he became a beloved part of the franchise.

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39. Matt Cassel - $30 Million

If anyone should be thankful they didn't give up when the going got tough, it would be Matt Cassel. Throughout his four years at USC he only completed 33 throws. So it shocked many when he was drafted by the Patriots. But after Tom Brady was taken for the season, Matt got his chance to shine and landed second place in the AFC.

highest paid nfl quarterbackshighest paid nfl quarterbacks
Jamie Squire / Staff via Getty Images

His time stepping up as the Patriots QB caught the eyes of other coaches, and Cassel got snatched up by the Kansas City Chiefs. In the end, he finished his career off with five other teams before calling it quits. But he's still in the NFL world, and his gig with NBC sure adds to his $30 mil, as claimed by Celebrity Net Worth.

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38. Kurt Warner - $30 Million

Kurt is one of the NFL's greatest rags to riches tales. After working as a grocery store stock boy, he found himself with three Super Bowl titles under his belt. And since retiring back in 2019, Warner's switched gears to football commentary. But there's no need to work: According to Celebrity Net Worth, he's sitting on $30 mil.

top earning quarterbacks listtop earning quarterbacks list
Lutz Bongarts / Staff via Getty Images

But Warner's work ethic still shines, and he's using his fame for good. "From the day that I entered the league, I always knew that football more than anything else was just going to be the catalyst to allow me to impact the lives of other people," the NFL legend shared of his charity work.

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37. Jay Cutler - $30 Million

After getting his varsity start at Vanderbilt University, Jay Cutler debuted in the NFL with the Denver Broncos. Three years later he moved on to the Chicago Bears, which was the start of a successful 12 year run with the team. Cutler then did a season with the Miami Dolphins before hanging up the jersey.

wealthiest quarterbacks net worthwealthiest quarterbacks net worth
Stacy Revere / Contributor via Getty Images

But during his glory days, Jay was one dedicated QB. So dedicated in fact, that he suited up for a game just one day after his former girlfriend gave birth to their first kid. And the loyalty clearly paid off, as Celebrity Net Worth pinned his net worth at $30 mil.

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36. Jared Goff - $30 Million

Jared Goff brought everything he learned with the University of California to the Los Angeles Rams. Back in 2016, the California native was the first player selected during that year's NFL Draft. A couple of Pro Bowl pics and touchdowns later, and Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Jared's earned a cool $30 mil.

top earning nfl quarterbackstop earning nfl quarterbacks
Steph Chambers / Staff via Getty Images

Want to know his secret? "If you don't innovate and adapt, you're going to be left behind. It's about coaches; how do you get the best out of your players?" Jared shared. "It's not by forcing someone to run what you want to run. It's how you can make A the best A can be."

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35. Patrick Mahomes - $30 Million

With just a few years of pro experience, Patrick Mahomes has racked up $30 million, as estimated by Celebrity Net Worth. It's been nothing since success since the powerhouse QB left his college days at Texas Tech behind and signed with the Chiefs. And he's gotten major attention from the league because of his talents.

richest super bowl quarterbacksrichest super bowl quarterbacks
Jamie Squire / Staff via Getty Images

"I believe maximizing every single day," Patrick shared fresh after his 2020 Super Bowl win. "I take it one day at a time and go out there and try to be the best person and the best athlete, the best player I can be. And I mean, obviously, I've had a good start to my career."

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34. Donovan McNabb - $35 Million

Donovan McNabb accomplished a lot during his 13 seasons in the National Football League. He was picked for the Pro Bowl on six different occasions and snagged Big East Offensive Player of the Year for three different seasons. No surprise to many that Celebrity Net Worth estimates his worth at $35 mil.

richest eagles nfl quarterbacksrichest eagles nfl quarterbacks
Nick Laham / Staff via Getty Images

Looking to learn a thing or two from him? Donovan's number one rule is staying in his lane. "You can't focus on what people may think," McNabb explained. "Everyone has their own opinions, and if they express it to me, I say, 'Thank you for sharing that with me,' because that bothers them more when you don't get upset."

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33. Matthew Stafford - $35 Million

With over a decade in the League under his belt with the Detroit Lions, Celebrity Networth estimates that Matthew Stafford is sitting on $35 million in the bank. But what does the future hold for Stafford since he revealed his exit from the Lions? Specifically, giving Detroit the big Championship win?

wealthiest nfl quarterbacks rankedwealthiest nfl quarterbacks ranked
Jonathan Daniel / Staff via Getty Images

"I think success in this league is tough to come by, especially sustaining success," Stafford admitted. "We had a few good years in there. Nothing would have made me happier than bringing the Lombardi Trophy home to Detroit. It's not the way it's going to end, but I still have a ton of great memories professionally."

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32. Kerry Collins - $39.5 Million

Celebrity Net Worth pins this retiree's net worth at $39.5 million. But you don't get that kind of cash without hard work. And Kerry earned it throughout his 17 seasons with Carolina, New Orleans, New York, Las Vegas, and Tennessee. He even came back after his 2011 exit to play for the Colts.

colts highest paid quarterbackscolts highest paid quarterbacks
Kirby Lee / Contributor via Getty Images

"I was at peace with my retirement, and I was always someone who thought he could walk away from the game because I had worked to separate my job from my life," Kerry shared. "I didn't let football envelop me. But when it was gone, I realized it was more a part of me than I ever accepted. I still felt the lure."

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31. Matt Schaub - $40 Million

Matt Schaub is living the good life in retirement with Celebrity Net Worth estimating his net worth to be roughly $40 mil. But he sure earned it over his 17 seasons in the league. Plus, like some other guys from this countdown, Schaub's also proved his abilities in basketball and baseball.

richest nfl quarterbacks rankedrichest nfl quarterbacks ranked
Scott Halleran / Staff via Getty Images

But from his time at the University of Richmond, Matt settled on the QB life and signed with the Falcons in 2004. From there, Schaub jumped to the Houston, Oakland, and Baltimore, then circled back to his Falcon roots. But Matt's days on the field are done, ever since he declared his exit from the League in January 2021.

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30. Dak Prescott - $40 Million

2016 was a pretty good year for Dak Prescott. His first year in the League with the Dallas Cowboys brought nothing but positive news. He snagged the AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the year, Pepsi's NFL Rookie of the Year, and even a sport on the Pro Bowl roster.

top paid cowboys quarterbackstop paid cowboys quarterbacks
Tom Pennington via Getty Images

And after a rookie year like that, it's no surprise that Dallas wanted to keep him happy. He signed a $160 mil contract with the Cowboys for the next four years. And those zeros were accompanied by a $66 mil bonus on top of the $42 mil per year salary. No much of a shock that Celebrity Net Worth pinned him at $40 million.

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29. Mark Sanchez - $40 Million

Mark Sanchez got his stadium start at USC before achieving his NFL dreams and signing with the Jets back in 2009. From New York, he moved on to the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, and Washington Redskins prior to his retirement a decade later in 2009.

top paid packers quarterbackstop paid packers quarterbacks
Jim McIsaac / Stringer via Getty Images

But Sanchez was determined to keep football in his life even if he was off the field. He joined ESPN's NCAA team and even took a dip into Hollywood. He joined The Mask Singer's cast for their fourth season. So, couple a QB career with these entertainment gigs and you've got Celebrity Net Worth's estimation of $40 million.

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28. Andrew Luck - $40 Million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Andrew Luck has got $40 million in the bank from his years on the field. But prior to his retirement, football was always number one in Luck's eyes. " I've enjoyed playing football - a lot more than I enjoyed studying!" Luck remembered of his NCAA years at Standford.

highest paid colts quarterbackshighest paid colts quarterbacks
Andy Lyons / Staff via Getty Images

"But you know, I realize, obviously, that I'm not going to put the sport ahead of my family, or my integrity, or my moral fiber, or my character, or my education," Andrew elaborated. "So the answer is, football's very important to me. But there are things ahead of it."

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27. Carson Wentz - $45 Million

Having a whole team depend on you can come with some pressure, but also big checks. And according to Celebrity Net Worth, Carson Wentz of the Eagles has earned $45 million for his QB skills. But how does he handle the "massive amounts of pressure"? Wentz says he tries to "stay grounded on a much bigger picture than football."

biggest singing bonus quarterbackbiggest singing bonus quarterback
Mitchell Leff / Contributor via Getty Images

"And obviously, this is a job and a lot of people in this city and in this country care a lot. And I, you know, approach it the same way," Carson explained. "I care, sometimes too much, and sometimes you want to succeed so badly but for me, it's just that constant reminder of a much bigger picture, a much bigger purpose."

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26. Drew Bledsoe - $48 Million

Drew Bledsoe went down in New England Patriots' history during his time on the field. So it didn't shock many when he was immortalized in the Pats' Hall of Fame at the 2011 ceremony. "Obviously this is a tremendous honor," Drew shared. "Honestly, [it was] a little more emotional than I thought it would have been."

biggest signing bonus nflbiggest signing bonus nfl
George Gojkovich / Contributor via Getty Images

He went on, "Just to be considered in the company of Bill Parcells and Houston Antwine was a great honor in and of itself." But beyond the Hall of Fame induction, the Pats showed their appreciation with huge salaries during Drew's career. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bledsoe's sitting on roughly $48 million.

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25. Ryan Tannehill - $50 Million

With less than a decade in the National Football League, Ryan Tannehill has climbed up to a net worth of $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The Tenessee Titans Quarterback's earnings landed him a spot on Forbes' catalog of richest pro athletes. But Ryan has his $118 mil multi-season contract to thank for that.

highest paid quarterback everhighest paid quarterback ever
Maddie Meyer / Staff via Getty Images

But Ryan doesn't let the money and success get to his head. Instead, he treats every day like it's his last. "That's my mindset, and that hasn't changed," Ryan explained. "I go out there every week and try to prepare in ways like my job is on the line and prepare to play my best football."

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24. Dan Marino - $50 Million

On the field or off the field, Dan Marino is making money. Between his 17 years with Miami and his recent business endeavors, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that he's got $50 mil in the bank. But with his old passing PBs smashed by fresher blood like Drew Brees, did Marino think he could do better, given the chance?

wealthiest quarterback all timewealthiest quarterback all time
Brian Cleary / Contributor via Getty Images

"So the best part about this is I don't have to prove it. I'm gonna say like six thousand," Dan laughed. "But it is… probably a lot easier to throw it now and people are throwing it more, too, so that's another factor as far as the yards and the run after catch thing and the bubble screens… We didn't do a lot of that stuff."

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23. Troy Aikman - $50 Million

No amount of money can get to legendary Cowboys QB's head. Not even $50 million, which is was Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Troy Aikman is sitting on. And despite being known as one of Dallas' best quarterbacks, Aikman feels complicated about being referred to as a "legend."

net worth quarterbacks rankednet worth quarterbacks ranked
Greg Crisp / Contributor via Getty Images

"I guess probably in a word, I'd have to say it makes me feel 'uncomfortable,'" Troy confessed. "I mean, I'm very proud of what I was able to accomplish as a player, but more importantly, what our teams were able to accomplish." Keep scrolling for more top-earning NFL quarterbacks...

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22. Alex Smith - $55 Million

As stated by Celebrity Net Worth, Alex Smith is sitting on $55 mil. But the journey to fortune was no walk in the park for the renowned QB. A necessary operation back in 2018 led to dangerous inflammation that nearly ended in an amputation. But after 16 procedures and intense physio, Smith returned for the 2020 season.

top paid nfl quarterbacks top paid nfl quarterbacks
Mitchell Leff / Contributor via Getty Images

The League honored his recovery with the 2020 Comeback Player of the Year award. But while on stage, Smith explained it was more than just returning to the field. "It was about me being a father to play with my children, a husband to go on walks with my wife, and despite my new limitations, me getting my life back."

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21. Sam Bradford - $70 Million

Football runs in Sam Bradford's veins. His ol' man played at the NCAA level with the Sooners, and clearly passed on his talents to his son. Sam attended his state school, the University of Oklahoma, before joining the NFL back in 2010. He made waves during his first season and won the Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

wealthiest nfl quarterbacks rankedwealthiest nfl quarterbacks ranked
Dilip Vishwanat / Stringer via Getty Images

Throughout his years with the Rams, Eagles, Vikings, and Cardinals, Bradford climbed the NFL's ranks. And he eventually became one of the top-paid League players of all time. And according to Celebrity Net Worth, today, the former QB legend is enjoying retirement life with $70 million in the bank.

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20. Kirk Cousins - $70 Million

Coming in at the same net worth as Sam Bradford is Kirk Cousins, who Celebrity Net Worth also pins at $70 million. Cousins got his NCAA start with Michigan State until getting snatched up by the Redskins. He then eventually made his way over to the Vikings. And despite the pressures of being a QB, Cousins tries to stay present.

list richest nfl quarterbackslist richest nfl quarterbacks
Stephen Maturen / Stringer via Getty Images

"When you become results-driven all the time, it's toxic," Kirk admitted. "I want to be process-driven. I can't control the results to the level I can control the process. I have to say every day, 'What am I doing [today] to give us a chance... to win the game?"

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19. Matt Ryan - $70 Million

Ever since his debut with the Atlanta Falcons, Matt Ryan's been making waves in the League. He landed the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year back in 2008 and since then has been racking in the awards… And dough. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Matt's earnings sit at $70 million. And he's not looking to cool down anytime soon.

richest nfl quarterbacks everrichest nfl quarterbacks ever
Todd Kirkland / Contributor via Getty Images

"I really feel like that the rules are set up more favorable than they've ever been for the quarterback position to play longer," Matt, now 35, said on NBC. "I feel like I'm in a really good spot in terms of my training and my health so I'll play as long as I feel good."

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18. Tony Romo - $70 Million

Tony Romo spent his 14 seasons in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys prior to venturing into the sports analyst world. As stated by Celebrity Net Worth, Romo's fortunes amount to $70 million. And he had some "essential elements" to share about how he's made such a name for himself in both industries.

highest paid nfl quarterbackshighest paid nfl quarterbacks
Icon Sportswire / Contributor via Getty Images

"There's a million things that go into it [success]. I mean, the best attribute that the good Lord gave me some gifts and I tried using them to the best of my ability," Tony explained. "And sometimes they work out, sometimes you got to fight like heck to get there and figure it out."

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17. Cam Newton - $75 Million

Even with Celebrity Net Worth estimating Cam Newton's value at $75 million, that didn't stop the series of unfortunate events that plagued the Pats' QB during the 2020 season. But the humble New England player wasn't afraid to fess up for his part in their sub-par season.

patriots quarterback signing bonuspatriots quarterback signing bonus
Kathryn Riley / Contributor via Getty Images

"I still am jeopardizing this team's success because of my lackluster performances of protecting the football," Cam admitted. "So, you know, coach trusts me with the ball in my hands and I wouldn't want it any other way and I just have to do a better job protecting it."

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16. Joe Flacco - $75 Million

Joe Flacco has spent a good chunk of his life on the field. He left his NCAA days behind him in 2008 when he got drafted. And from the Ravens to the Broncos, and the Jets, Flacco has raked in $75 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. But according to Joe's 2012 interview, when you're the best, you deserve the big bucks.

richest nfl quarterback everrichest nfl quarterback ever
Michael Reaves / Contributor via Getty Images

"I assume everybody thinks they're a top-five quarterback," Joe guessed when asked about his standing in the League. "I mean, I think I'm the best. I don't think I'm top five, I think I'm the best. I don't think I'd be very successful at my job if I didn't feel that way."

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15. Philip Rivers - $80 Million

Philip Rivers' 17-season legacy with the League was based mainly with the San Diego Chargers. But after declaring his exit from the field back in 2021, Rivers switched gears to coaching. He's since taken up the head coaching position at St. Michael Catholic High School.

top paid nfl quarterbackstop paid nfl quarterbacks
Stephen Dunn / Staff via Getty Images

Celebrity Net Worth estimates his worth at $80 million. But in Philip's eyes, the money couldn't top the memories from his time on the field. "It's being out there," Rivers explained. "With the guys, fighting like crazy to give your team a chance. And no doubt he'll be passing that wisdom onto his high school players.

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14. Carson Palmer - $90 Million

Based on Celebrity Net Worth's figures, Carson Palmer is sitting on a staggering $90 million. Throughout his 15 years in the League, Palmer's spent most of his time with the Cincinnati Bengals, before moving over to the Cardinals. But what was the reasoning behind the move?

artizona cardinals richest quarterbackartizona cardinals richest quarterback
Michael Reaves / Contributor via Getty Images

He just didn't see a Super Bowl win with the Bengals. "I never felt like [they were] really trying to win a Super Bowl, and really chasing the Super Bowl," Carson confessed. "The game today is you can't just hope you draft well and not go after free agents and you just end up in the Super Bowl. You gotta go get it."

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13. Fran Tarkenton - $100 Million

Now, this is a lot of zeros... Fran Tarkenton snagged a position on the docket with his impressive value of $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This wealthy retiree started and ended his career with the Minnesota Vikings, with a stint with the New York Giants squeezed in the middle.

richest minnesota vikings quarterbackrichest minnesota vikings quarterback
Focus On Sport / Contributor via Getty Images

But the way Fran sees it, he wouldn't have gotten to his high status without learning from the setbacks.  "If we lost, I didn't go out. I stayed in my house, pulled out our old film projector and looked at all the mistakes we made," Tarkenton explained. "I learned from failure. I have never learned from winning."

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12. Ben Roethlisberger - $100 Million

You don't take home the Super Bowl twice without earning yourself a nice paycheck. And the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers' QB did just that. Just like Frank Tarkenton, Roethlisberger is sitting at $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. And he had some wisdom to pass onto aspiring players.

wealthiest pittsburgh steelers quarterbackwealthiest pittsburgh steelers quarterback
Justin K. Aller / Contributor via Getty Images

"There will always be hard times. Use adversity to fuel your fire," Ben explained. "In high school, I wanted to play quarterback but couldn't until I was a senior. I played wide receiver instead, and this ultimately helped me because I learned more about the game."

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11. Joe Montana - $100 Million

Back in the 1980s, there weren't many NFL fans that didn't know who Joe Montana was. After bringing the Vince Lombardi Trophy home to San Francisco in '82, '85, '89, and '90, Joe became a 49ers legend. Plus, he got the Super Bowl MVP title on three occasions. So, many understand why Celebrity Net Worth pins him at $100 mil.

richest san Francisco quarterbackrichest san Francisco quarterback
George Gojkovich / Contributor via Getty Images

The legendary QB had some nuggets of truth to pass on for NFL supporters reliving his glory days. "I think sometimes if you overemphasize the past, you forget about what is going on right now," Montana shared. "Everyone thinks about the past players, but we had our time in the limelight."

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10. Brett Favre - $100 Million

Brett had quite the run during his time on the field before hanging up his jersey in 2010. The now-retired QB played the majority of his seasons in Green Bay, but had some stints with the Falcons, Jets, and Vikings, as well. His long career has landed him $100 mil, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Want to know how he did it?

richest green bay quarterbackrichest green bay quarterback
George Gojkovich / Contributor via Getty Images

Here's his trick: "I think every player should think that he's a difference-maker," Brett shared. "I think you have to believe that. I think in that [offense] situation understanding what is expected of you, knowing your team, knowing that as long as we can run the ball and complete passes when needed we should be pretty good."

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9. Aaron Rodgers - $120 Million

Aaron Rodgers has been loyal to the Green Bay Packers ever since he first got selected by them (first round, FYI) back in 2005. And as stated by multiple sources, the successful QB sits on roughly $120 million. Rodgers sat down on The Pat McAfee show to share his thoughts on his achievements.

aaron rodgers net worthaaron rodgers net worth
Stacy Revere / Staff via Getty Images

"Success isn't winning all the time because that is damn near impossible," Aaron explained. "Success is knowing that you've done everything in your power from a preparation standpoint, from a focus standpoint, from a performance standpoint to achieve a win or success."

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8. Russell Wilson - $135 Million

Celebrity Net Worth estimates the Seattle Seahawks quarterback is sitting on $135 million. Wondering how he did it? Well, you don't get that kind of money without gaining a good reputation in the League. And according to Russel, he's got "an obsession with winning."

ranked net worth nflranked net worth nfl
Michael Reaves / Stringer via Getty Images

"Winning is a habit. But losing is, too. And so the habits that you form is what you gonna be, what you gonna become," Wilson once shared. "I used to write to-do lists about my dreams... And I can promise you to this day everything that I've written down has happened... You just gotta make it happen."

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7. John Elway - $145 Million

Elway showed major loyalty for Denver during his career, and the franchise loved him back even more. During his 16 years with them, he took the Broncos to the Super Bowl five times and brought the Vince Lombardi Trophy home twice. A kind of record like that landed this legend a value of $145, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

highest paid nfl athletehighest paid nfl athlete
Denver Post / Collaborator via Getty Images

And his love for his team continued well into his retirement. Elway joined the Broncos management team through a stint as the GM and President of Operations. But what does the future hold? And will John continue to call Denver home? "I never say never," the QB legend said.

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6. Eli Manning - $150 Million

Speaking of loyal QBs, Eli Manning spent his 16 years in the NFL with the New York Giants. And his career brought major successes for the New York franchise, including two wins of the Vince Lombardi Trophy and two Super Bowl MVP awards. Based on Celebrity Net Worth's stats, Eli's enjoying retirement with $150 mil in the bank.

manning brothers net worthmanning brothers net worth
Emilee Chinn / Stringer via Getty Images

But no money can replace the fond memories of his time on the field. "There won't be any more tunnel moments for me and I'll truly miss them," Manning admitted. "I miss standing in the shadows, staring out into the field before a game, surrounded by my teammates and knowing all of the hard work we put in."

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5. Drew Brees - $160 Million

Coming in at number five is Drew Brees, who sits at $160 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. And his number one tip for becoming one of the greats? Learning to "compartmentalize." In Brees' opinion, it's one of the most valuable assets that a quarterback can possess these days.

top earning nfl playerstop earning nfl players
Chris Graythen / Staff via Getty Images

"I've always been somebody who puts a lot on my plate," Drew admitted in a Men's Journal interview. "And the fact is you have to be able to manage your time extremely well and compartmentalize at times. You have to find a way to bear down and focus on that one task at one time. It just has to get done."

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4. Steve Young - $200 Million

Young is enjoying retirement with a pretty good sum of cash in the bank. According to several publications, the legendary San Francisco 49ers QB earned $200 million from his time on the field. But when he first signed with the 49ers, he felt the heat to match Joe Montana. However, Steve managed to flip it "into a positive."

top earning nfl quarerbackstop earning nfl quarerbacks
David Madison / Contributor via Getty Images

"One of my great accomplishments in my own personal life was being able to flip it on its head and turn it into something - a wonderful challenge that propelled me forward rather than held me back," Steve explained. "Turning that and making that a kind of jet fuel rather than an anchor, changed everything."

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3. Tom Brady - $200 Million

Losing Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a tough blow for the Pats team and its fans. But how could Brady turn down a $50 mil contract? Well, it's certainly contributed to his net worth of $200 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. And coupled with his Mrs., Gisele, they're sitting on $600 million.

list richest nfl playerslist richest nfl players
Mike Ehrmann / Staff via Getty Images

However, it wasn't always easy for him. "In my young career, I doubted myself a lot," Tom confessed. "When I saw things that weren't going my way, I thought I was the victim of circumstance. But when I… shifted my view and my mind to say, 'I am not a victim, why don't I empower myself,' I could grow in ways I was struggling."

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2. Peyton Manning - $250 Million

Some could say that success was in the stars for Manning. After a great run with the University of Tennessee, Peyton signed with the Colts for 14 seasons. He followed that up with four more with the Broncos before calling it quits. He's now living the good life with $250 mil in the bank, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

wealthiest nfl quarterback everwealthiest nfl quarterback ever
Doug Pensinger / Staff via Getty Images

However, Manning was all about following his passions, not the cash. "I always loved the game and my dad loved to play," Peyton said during his early years with the NFL. "He just taught me to play the game for the love of the game, that's really what I do."

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1. Roger Staubach - $600 Million

And coming in at number one is the legendary Dallas Cowboy QB from back in the day. According to a consensus amongst multiple sources, Staubach is valued at a jaw-dropping $600 million. But Staubach can still remember his humble beginnings with the League.

wealthiest nfl quarterbacks rankedwealthiest nfl quarterbacks ranked
Focus On Sport / Contributor via Getty Images

"The Cowboys offered me a $10,000 signing bonus," Roger remembered from his rookie year. "I gave my parents $2,000, Marianne's [his wife's] parents $2,000, and we kept the rest. With my $500 a month stipend from the Navy, it was more money than I ever could have hoped for." And look where he is now!

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