Nike Training Program Set To Drop on Netflix


| LAST UPDATE 12/22/2022

By Raven Wade
Nike Netflix Training Program
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A whole new era of home workouts is heading our way, and this time, we can work out while we chill out. Motivation just got a whole lot easier now that it's intertwined with our favorite streaming platform. So, now there really is no excuse. Introducing Netflix's brand new personal training program, partnered with Nike.

It's never been the easiest transition to go from our 9-5 jobs straight to the gym. Of course, home workouts have evolved in design to suit the comfort of our own homes. Still, there continues to be a lurking lack of motivation. When it comes to training our bodies and getting into the routine, it's important to find something that swooshes in easily into our lifestyles. By default, if we don't enjoy doing them, our training resolutions will only be something of a short and sweet period. Speaking of swooshes, one of the world's top fitness brands has been working for years to find the solution to this problem. Nike is redefining home workouts, allowing us to break a sweat and immediately break a dent into our couches. Ready? Set? Let's go.

Nike Netflix Training Program
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Nike has exceeded everyone's expectations over the past years. After a breakthrough in advanced workout equipment and attire, the brand has introduced an array of personal training programs to help fitness junkies get into tip-top shape while feeling their best. Of course, there was always a setback in paying for memberships among subscriptions. But the game is changing. Introducing Nike's Training Club, soon to be available for Netflix streamers. This partnership is providing 223 million worldwide users with routines designed for "everybody and every body." Its advanced combination of "guidance with motivation" is setting a new standard for home workouts. Packed with programs and protein, Nike is providing 90 workouts with 12 world-class trainers, using minimal to no equipment, and ranging in fitness levels with over 30 hours of sessions. From "kickstart fitness" to HIT and strength, as well as "feel-good fitness" and "two weeks to a stronger core," users will only be setting themselves up for achievement. Netflix is set to become the hub of everyone's lifestyles, and we're ready to take on the challenge.

The program featuring five training programs will be available in ten languages to cater to fitness fanatics across the globe. Think of it as your very own personal trainer. Prepare your yoga mats and weights because the first batch of classes is dropping on Netflix on December 30th. We've got our new years resolutions in the bag.

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