Opening Day Is Officially Canceled


| LAST UPDATE 03/03/2022

By Zuzanna Krause
Mark Trout Baseball Angels
Mark LoMoglio via Getty Images

Yogi Berra, an iconic New York Yankees player from the 1940s, once famously said, "The game of baseball isn't over until it's over." And now we all hope it's not over. MLB officially announced that baseball's Opening Day is now canceled. Over 90 days ago, MLB owners locked out their players, and the infamous lockout of 2022 began. Both fans and players all over the nation were heartbroken and unsure of what would come next.

For the first time in 27 years, regular-season games have been canceled. With the opening day being pushed back from its original start date, March 31, to April 7, let's recap what's going on. Over three months ago, the MLB lockout began over ongoing disputes between the Players Association and Major League Baseball over major economic decisions for a new CBA. Fast forward a little, and on the 90th day of the lockout, MLBPA lead players agreed unanimously not to accept MLB's final offer. "I had hoped against hope that I would not have to have this particular press conference in which I am going to cancel some regular-season games," League Commissioner Rob Manfred said. After many consecutive days of negotiations with the MLB Players Association, here we are.

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As the players finally rejected the owners' "best and final offer," social media is (understandably) on one. Everyone had a lot to say about the situation, from players to fans to sports commentators. Following the big announcement, MLB's official Twitter released a message from the commissioner himself to the fans explaining the current update. Los Angeles Angels player Mark Trout tweeted, "I want to play, I love our game, but I know we need to get this CBA right." Players such as Trevor Williams and Jameson Taillon, among others, continued to unanimously change their Twitter avatars to nameless blank faces to show us how they reallly feel. "MLB did this. The owners' arrogance. The mistreatment of players." ESPN writer Jeff Passan tweeted with an image confirming Opening Day will be canceled.

baseball lockout opening day
Julio Aguilar via Getty Images

With countless hours of meetings in the books, baseball fans worldwide are patiently waiting for what will happen next. In the meantime, let's see if the new Opening Day, April 7, happens!

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