Suns Shock Fans After Acquiring Kevin Durant in NBA Trade


| LAST UPDATE 02/12/2023

By Bernadette Forster
Kevin Durant Suns NBA trade
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In a blockbuster trade involving four teams, the Phoenix Suns have made off with two superstars in Kevin Durant and T.J. Warren, as part of a deal that sees Brooklyn receive multiple first-round draft picks - plus second rounders from Milwaukee! Here's what you missed.

The future is set to be sunny for the Suns - who are hoping to reach their former glories after making this stellar personnel move. Meanwhile, the Bucks strengthen their lineup with the savvy move to acquire Jae Crowder, while Indiana secures a bundle of second-round picks and opens up much-needed cap space in one swoop. This dynamic trade is sure to have an impact in the ultra-competitive NBA landscape! The Nets had been lingering in anticipation while the Suns 2,500 miles away, were huddled around their practice court and weighing up a heavyweight deal for superstar forward Kevin Durant. Even GM Sean Marks recognized just how priceless getting KD was - "You don't find players like him often enough – our team has benefitted greatly from having him here." With both sides ready to go all-in on this match made in basketball heaven it would come down to who could outbid each other…

Kevin Durant Devin Booker Trade
ARIS MESSINIS / Contributor via Getty Images
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With his sights set on forming a new NBA superteam, Kevin Durant sought out the Phoenix Suns: knowing they had wanted him and with growing proximity to Devin Booker during their time together in Team USA ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. By lodging his trade demand from Brooklyn Nets directly after Kyrie Irving's move away from them was finalized, he voiced an eagerness for winning alongside these former Mavericks come 2022-23 - if no route opened up to be part of that already special thing brewing between Paul, Booker & Co In The Valley Of The Sun.

So, after a tumultuous four year journey with the Nets, it is time to move on. Though they said farewell to both Irving and Durant under emotional circumstances, signing KD was a transformative experience for Brooklyn. It had been an honor who have him on their roster and gave them hope; but eventually parting ways needed to be done in order for everyone involved reach success elsewhere. Now New York has more than just memories of what could've been: over a dozen draft picks acquired during this period provide opportunity to make things right once again - showing that despite disappointment there will always still shine light at the end of tunnel...

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