Adidas & Kanye To Sell $500 Million Worth of Yeezy Merch


| LAST UPDATE 02/26/2023

By Bernadette Forster
yeezy adidas kanye west
@yeezymafia via Instagram

Adidas and Kanye West have reportedly reached a new agreement to sell the remaining $500 million USD worth of YEEZY sneakers. The collaboration between Ye and Adidas ended officially after the artist made anti-Semitic comments, which led to Balenciaga, CAA talent agency, and G.O.O.D. Music parting ways with him. Retailers also started pulling YEEZY products, prompting Adidas to terminate its partnership with Ye.

The termination of the partnership initially caused concern for sneakerheads who were worried about the future of YEEZY sneakers. However, rumors circulating on social media suggest that Adidas has carved out a new deal with Ye to sell the remaining YEEZY sneakers. The details of this new agreement are still under wraps, but it is believed that select non-branded YEEZY sneakers will be sold without any new designs being produced. This development comes after reports surfaced that Adidas could lose up to $1.3 billion in unsold YEEZY sneakers. Despite this looming loss, it was reported that Adidas planned on spending millions to continue using YEEZY designs without branding after parting ways with Ye.

Adidas YEEZY kanye deal
Instagram via @luckbrandnamee
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For those who are fans of collaborations, A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 5 is expected to be released during the Holiday 2023 season. This collaboration promises to bring a unique twist to Air Jordan's classic silhouette by blending luxury streetwear style and basketball culture. The release date may seem far off, but sneakerheads are already eagerly anticipating this exciting development. It remains to be seen what other changes will occur in the world of sneaker collaborations and partnerships in the coming months and years. One thing is for sure: sneaker enthusiasts will continue following their favorite artists and brands closely as they strive to create innovative designs and push boundaries in the industry.

So, while the announcement of Ye's termination with Adidas caused concern among fans initially, this latest development suggests that there is still hope for those who love YEEZY sneakers. With select non-branded styles set to hit shelves soon, fans can look forward to adding more sought-after kicks to their collection in the near future. And for those who love collaborations, A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 5 promises an exciting fusion of fashion and sportswear culture when it drops during Holiday 2023 season! Stay tuned.

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