A$AP's Guide to Buying Vintage


| LAST UPDATE 06/13/2021

By Alexa Alves
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images for Gucci

Whether it's another silky headscarf or a pair of oversized shades, A$AP certainly knows how to turn heads. But that doesn't mean he's always spending the big bucks to keep his streetwear style fresh. Here's how the rapper's been hitting the thrift shops for some iconic fashion finds.

A$AP Rocky, thrift shop
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For starters, not only is Rocky a fan of shopping vintage, but he's also been doing so for a while. And not for the reasons we might be (AKA ballin' on a budget). Prices aside, there's actually a different factor at play that keeps the rapper hitting the racks time and time again: "Nostalgia has a lot to borrow from," A$AP revealed to Hypebeast. "There’s prior trends, and you’ve gotta thrift older clothes."

A$AP, thrift shop, vintage
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As for what exactly that calls for? A whole lot of patience. "Sometimes these things are either organized or all over the place, so it depends on how things are in order in the store really," the artist explained. But while he might be hitting the goldmine with certain racks, you won't find his entire closet repping last season.

A$AP Rocky, vintage, style
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As the L.S.D. performer proudly put it, he likes to spice things up. "Anybody who goes full vintage... they start to look like… a thrift store mother******," Rocky joked. "If you wear too much vintage — and I think you can agree with me — you start to look a little thrifty." We wonder what Macklemore would think of that one...

A$AP Rocky, style, thrift
Darren Gerrish/WireImage via Getty Images

But if there's one piece of advice we can all agree on? You don't always have to pay full price to be a fashion killa (had to). In fact, as A$AP put it, he can appreciate a good bargain as much as the next guy. "I’m one of the most frugal shoppers ever!" Rocky proudly explained. "Literally, I’m always down for a... bargain."

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A$AP, thrift shop, vintage
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Well, there you have it, folks. You don't have to pay full price to look like your favorite streetwear legends - or in this case, A$AP himself. In fact, for all you know, your next favorite cop is one trip to Goodwill away...