Fendi X Versace Collection Has Finally Arrived


| LAST UPDATE 05/18/2022

By Zuzanna Krause
Fendi Versace Collab Fendace
Edward Berthelot via Getty Images

The offspring of Fendi and Versace has finally dropped: Fendace. You heard us right, Fendace. How could high fashion get any more exclusive, glamourous, and desirable? Well, when you take two of the most highly-celebrated Italian fashion houses in the world and put them together, you get high fash-un like never before, and we're here for it. So let's take a look at the creative geniuses-ness behind Fendace.

After months of hype surrounding the collaboration, Fendi and Versace have finally released Fendace - and it's sure to break the Internet (and the bank). Debuting their crossover collection back during Milan Fashion Week in September, the world has been patiently waiting to get a closer glimpse into what is sure to be the hottest collab of the summer. Versace's very own chief creative officer Donatella Versace and Fendi's talented artistic director Kim Jones paired up to create the collaboration of everyone's dreams.

Fendace Milan Fashion Week
Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli via Getty Images
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Fendace is sure to include both brand's classic signature elements and designs while paying homage to its brand counterpart. In a press release regarding the iconic mashup, Kim Jones referred to their collab as more of a "swap" than a collaboration saying, "It's a swap rather than a collaboration and, most of all, it is done out of friendship." "It is the beauty of togetherness after time apart and a celebration of women who have inspired me so much," he continued to describe. Donatella agreed with her dear friend and co-artistic director saying, "The campaign captures the same sense of friendship and energy we had when we were designing the collection... Kim is a visionary designer and innovator. To me, Fendace will always mean love." What we would do to be a part of that friendship...

"Fendace by Versace" and "Versace by Fendi" are already titular collections for the fashion houses' love baby brand. Among the collection, we can see Fendi's double F logo intertwined with Versace's Baroque signature style and the Fendi baguette bag paired with Versace's Medusa emblem. Now that's iconic. The rest of the "swap" includes footwear, accessories, handbags, and fabulous ready-to-wear pieces for those who casually wear Fendi or Versace. The swap can be found at both Versace and Fendi pop-up stores worldwide and online on both brands' websites. In the meantime, ciao everyone, we'll be waiting for that baguette bag.

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