Gucci X Oura: An Unbelievably Smart Collab


| LAST UPDATE 06/06/2022

By Zuzanna Krause
Gucci Oura Ring Collab
Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Collabs on collabs. Gucci has partnered with the health tech company OURA to produce the latest smart ring-Gucci style, of course - and we're totally here for it. The high fashion brand and health tech company have created the perfect stylish yet tech-forward love baby with the Oura Smart Ring. So what does this all mean exactly?

Founded in 2013, Oura is a health-tech company that has pioneered the Oura Ring, a small smart device that accurately tracks and records one's sleep. The engineering breakthrough, the Oura Ring, has unimaginable capabilities to understand and perfect one's sleep that is tailored to its owner. Available in a few different models, the latest Oura Ring Generation 3 monitors sleep, heart rate, activity, temperature, and more - all while maintaining sensitivity to one's sleep pattern and routine. Even Prince Harry was spotted wearing an Oura Health ring! Now that the health-tech company is linking up with Gucci, we can only imagine the insanely glamourous nights of sleep ahead.

Prince Harry Oura Ring
Scott Barbour via Getty Images
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The Gucci x Oura ring features the technology from the Generation 3 ring wrapped up with "advanced sensors," making it Gucci approved. According to the company, this one-of-a-kind ring measures respiratory and heart rate and temperature to tell if the user is sick and provides "science-backed content on how to optimize each day," according to the company. The sleek and sexy Gucci x Oura ring is a whopping $950 and is available in Titanium black with 18-carat yellow gold finishes around the ring. Don't forget the signature interlocking G motif covering the band in multiple spots. Even the charger puck for the smart device is decked out in the interlocking G logo. Oh, and the USB-C connector is dripping in the iconic symbol as well. So basically, if you forgot you're wearing the Gucci ring on your finger, there are plenty of reminders.

When purchasing a Gucci x Oura ring, the company provides the user with a Lifetime Membership subscription, whereas purchasing a not-high fashion smart ring would cost $300 plus the $6 per month subscription. Like the rest of the Oura Rings, the technology (the software and the sensors) inside the ring is the same, and the Gucci ring is also just 4 grams. In other words? If you're looking for the perfect high-tech and high-fashion collab, look no further...

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