Jay-Z Flexes $6.5 Million Tiffany X Patek Philippe Watch


| LAST UPDATE 12/19/2021

By Alexa Alves
jay z tiffany watch
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It's Hova's world, we're just living in it. We've seen him sport $2 million Patek Philippes, uber rare Richard Milles, and Rolex Daytonas we could only dream about - but Jay-Z's latest cop might just be his biggest flex yet. Here's what to know about the Tiffany X Patek Philippe timepiece the rapper recently broke out on the red-carpet.

On December 14, Jay-Z stepped out for a special screening of his Netflix title The Harder They Fall, which saw him serve as producer. But as he sat down for a follow-up Q&A, all eyes were on his wrist. And with good reason: hitting shelves just a few days ago, the Tiffany x Patek Philippe he sported was like nothing we've ever seen before.

With only 170 of the custom watches produced, the latest Nautilus 5711 is seemingly impossible for purchase to the general public. In fact, according to a source from GQ, the limited-edition cop is "only going to be offered to people who wouldn't sell them on." Given Carter's growing watch collection, we've got a feeling he won't be parting ways with this one anytime soon. As for what truly makes it so special? Let's talk specs.

Featuring Tiffany's signature blue dial, the exclusive Patek has quickly become perhaps the most sought-after timepiece for collectors. And you can bet it won't come cheap. Initially retailed at about $52,635 and offered only to VIP clients, the piece recently sold at an auction for roughly $6.5 million. Was Hova our lucky buyer? Probably not, given the the fact that he was probably lent (or gifted) the coveted cop. Then again, who knows. After all, what's another $6 mil when you've got over $1 billion in the bank?

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jay z tiffany patek
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Point is, Hova's Patek Philippe x Tiffany limited-edition cop is bound to go down in the history books. And given the rapper's expensive taste - which, in case you forgot, once called for a $3 million Richard Mille - who knows what other tricks he's got up his sleeves, literally.

Stay tuned.