Off-White Makes a Big Comeback at Paris Fashion Week


| LAST UPDATE 07/11/2021

By Tiana Blanco
off white bella MIA
Pierre Suu via Getty Images

In the first runway show in over a year, Off-White shook Paris Fashion Week to its core with fresh threads, celebrity appearances, and a guest rap performance.

off white Paris show
Kristy Sparow / Stringer via Getty Images

The anticipated show, named Laboratory of Fun, was headed by Virgil Abloh, the brand's chief executive officer. The Laboratory of Fun effectively opened this year's Paris Fashion Week, which had been on hold for over a year due to the pandemic. But Abloh definitely made up for the lost time by bringing everything he had to the collection. "If I were to look at my body of work, I think I've grown up the most in the shortest amount of time," he shared with Vogue. "I think it's rebelling against the younger version of myself."

The highly anticipated show was elevated to a whole new level thanks to the celebrity appearances. Bella Hadid walked the runway in a structured blue dress, along with Honey Dijon and Amber Valletta. And as if the incredible ready-to-wear collection wasn't enough, the show closed out with a live performance from M.I.A. But as Vogue put it, "it didn't feel like an ending at all." Rather, Abloh and his creative crew kept the energy going all weekend at his flagship store in one of Paris' ritziest neighborhoods.

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It looks like Virgil is making 2021 his year, and the fashion industry is behind him. Be sure to check back for more news from this year's Paris Fashion Week...