Palace X Calvin Klein Tease Upcoming Collab


| LAST UPDATE 04/08/2022

By Zuzanna Krause
palace Calvin Klein collaboration
Melodie Jeng / Contributor via Getty Images

It's the crossover we never knew we needed: London-based skateboard label Palace and American fashion trademark Calvin Klein have joined forces to create "CK1 Palace." The new partnership will feature a variety of pieces with both brands' signature styles combined as one. Here's what we know about the impending drop so far...

Following the official launch of CK1 Palace, the brands shared a closer look at what will be featured in the collection. The star-studded campaign, shot by the iconic Alasdair McLellan, features some of Hollywood's most celebrated names, such as Willem Dafoe, Dame Joan Collins, the Pet Shop Boys, Precious Lee, Lola Leon, Adwoa Aboah, rapper Unknown T, and members of the Palace Skate family. The NYC and London-based photoshoot gave fans a look at what they'll be repping in the skatepark and NYC streets very soon. The range will include various denim pieces, sweaters, men's and women's underwear, tees, accessories, and something else unexpected: the pieces will feature understated colors mixed with loud graphics while embracing both brands' classic styles.

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In addition to the clothing pieces in the collection, the fashion-forward collab will introduce a "weird idea" from both ends, according to Lev Tanju, the founder of Palace Skateboards. The collaborative team presents a first-ever remix of the classic CK One fragrance together. "I feel so lucky to launch our first-ever fragrance with Calvin Klein," Tanju said in a press release. "CK One changed everything, and to be able to make a new version of it in a Palace way has been a dream. I grew up admiring the iconic Calvin Klein campaigns of the early '90s for their simplicity and their forward-thinking depiction of fashion that appealed to everyone." Tanju explains, "This collaboration has grown organically, and I'm proud of everything we've created together." The fragrance will be a part of the launch and offered in smaller-sized bottles for wearers everywhere.

palace Calvin Klein collaboration
Instagram via @elmundoconmm

The long-awaited collab officially drops on April 8 at Palace's London, Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo stores. In addition, one can score the latest pieces at both brands' official sites, so make sure to check 'em out just in time for Summer!

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