Step Inside Pharrell Williamโ€™s Virtual Garage Sale


| LAST UPDATE 10/07/2022

By Raven Wade
Pharrell Williams Joopiter Auction
Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

We all know garage sales are full of old and forgotten clothing, accessories, gadgets, and toys. However, when celebs dig deep into their old belongings, they might be worth a tad more than that old boombox you're selling. Gold-embezzled, sleek outfits are a statement for Pharrell Williams, but he's ready to give some of it up online. Here's how you can cop a piece...

Pharrell recently announced the launch of his online auction service, 'Joopiter.' While familiar with online markets such as Depop and E-bay, we have never been able to get our hands on celebrity-worn vintage clothing. We have all seen Williams rock some serious looks, from double denim to hippie culture, suited style, and his well-known collection of fedora hats. Now, with his new virtual garage sale, you have the chance to debut the same styles, including his collection "Son of a Pharoah." Now, while we can all go thrift shopping with Macklemore, there's a new hand-me-down store in town. Pharrell has been gathering these clothes and accessories collected from the last 20 years, and now he is ready to pass on some serious luxury to very happy fans.

Pharrell Williams Fashion Joopiter
Alexander Tamargo via Getty Images for iHeartMedia
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According to The Financial Times, "everything must go." Williams participated in an exclusive interview, explaining why he is making the drastic move to sell his most valuable belongings. The singer's auction will include his worn sneakers, watches, and jewelry. Over the course of 20-30 years, Williams has "helped to alter the course of both music and fashion, and in doing so has helped bring about the latter-day fusion of the two." Hence, his fashion statements represent his musical collaborations and awards. The singer credited his manager for pointing out his 11 storage units. Rather than auctioning them on an existing platform, the innovative idea of creating an exclusive app sets his style apart from the rest of the music industry. His style on sale will be from past collaborations. From high-profile partnerships with Chanel and Louis Vuitton, American Vogue's front cover in 2017, and not to mention his famous 'Buffalo' hat he wore to the 2014 Grammy Awards. Williams believes music and fashion have been intertwined since Mozart. For that matter, he believes 'Joopiter' can represent a "re-evaluation," where other artists such as Kanye and Virgin can help "get some of those old spirits to wake up." 

Williams explained, "fashion and music is like time and space - you can't have one without the other," hence, he is "making space for the next chapter." He added, "it was a long time coming," allowing fans to connect with the pre-Gen Z music. While 'Joopiter' is set to drop October 11th, this actually isn't the musician's first fashion rodeo. Stay tuned.

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