What To Know About the Black Friday Yeezy 500 Restock


| LAST UPDATE 11/25/2021

By Alexa Alves
yeezy black friday sneakers
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Let's face it - Yeezys are never an easy cop. Whether they're selling out at lightning speed or being resold for lots of moolah, scoring a pair doesn't come cheap. Lucky for you, you're about to get another chance at the sought after kicks. From the restock date to the rare colorway, here's what to know about the upcoming drop.

yeezy drop utility black
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On November 26, the Yeezy gods will be dropping the ultimate holiday gift: yet another sought after restock. That's right. Just 1 day after Thanksgiving, our favorite 500s will be hitting shelves... again. As for which colorway? If you guessed Utility Black, congrats - you're in luck. Not what you expected to hear? Hang on, we might just change your mind.

yeezy 500 black friday
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In case you forgot, the standout kicks first hit stands back in July 2018. And while they sold out in record time (*shocker*) we nabbed a restock last November. Sure enough, 365 days later, and the suave sneakers are just as hot. But don't take our word for it.

yeezy 500 restock black
Instagram via @koi_insights

Granted, another restock might sound like Yeezy is desperate to rid themselves of the 2018 kicks. But quite the opposite, actually. Not only have the 500s continued to sell out each drop, but it seems things will continue to stay that way. With the going rate on StockX estimated at about $330+, the demand for the Utility Blacks isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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yeezy sneakers restock news
Instagram via @nadiaidder

That being said, you won't want to miss this season's restock. Whether you're looking to give your closet a revamp or feeling generous, the kicks are bound to make any wearer happy - you, your baby bro, loved one? You get the gist. Check out Yeezy's official site November 26 when the 500s drop. And when you're done there? There's more fun where that came from. Once the clock strikes midnight on Friday, StockX will be kicking off one of the biggest Black Friday deals yet.

Happy shopping. And of course, happy holidays fam.