Yeezy 500 “Blush” Restock: What To Expect


| LAST UPDATE 02/17/2022

By Zuzanna Krause
yeezy 500 blush restock
Christian Vierig / Contributor via Getty Images

The highly anticipated Yeezy 500 "Blush" restock is finally here - and by finally here, we mean on February 19. The iconic line, originally started in 2015 by Kanye West, has escalated in demand and cost ever since. The Yeezy 500's has been a fan favorite from the start and debuted in high-top and low forms. With each drop, customers can cop a pair of the latest sneak drops by entering a raffle or waiting for hours outside Fight Club or other retail stores. In this case, may the odds ever be in your favor...

The 500s, which have been rumored to restock for almost a year now, were initially delayed due to COVID supply chain issues. The shoe originally dropped in February 2018 for pre-order in Los Angeles and New York, and a few months later went out to the general public. The chunky monochromatic shoe is taupe with an off-white and subtle pink highlight, showing off the mesh panel and leather/suede material combination for the perfect shoe. The fan-favorite drop comes at a price point of $200.

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While we're on the topic of Yeezy drops, West's line is set to drop a new pair of YZY BSKTBL KNIT shoes, "Energy Glow." The $300 kicks boast the traditional sock-like primeknit feature and include a "glowing" yellow hue, tied in with light grey hues and deep black laces. @theyeezymafia confirmed the drop by asking users, "cop or drop," which called for mixed reviews in the comments. One Yeezy fan commented, "mad design," while others are upset about how hard they are to put on and off, writing, "not an enjoyable experience!" Regardless, the kicks are intended to sell out almost instantly, so if you're team "cop," get ready for the drop.

Yeezy New Sneaker Drop
Instagram via @yeezymafia

Whether you're looking to cop a pair for yourself, a loved one, or to sell to some other guy (or girl), be sure to get yourself in line before you have to wait another year for the next Yeezy 500 restock. In the meantime, we'll be wishing for a pair. Yeezy, out.

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